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FAQ's about my Clean Eating Group Programs

FAQ's About Group Cleansing and Clean Eating Programs


Why in the world would i want to detox?

Here are just a few of the TOXIC components causing TOXIC weight

gain and lurking in almost every bite and sip of the Standard

American Diet:


Growth hormones




Artificial coloring agents (caramel color, "natural" flavorings--which aren't at all natural)

Rancid oils and trans fats



Phthalates and plastics

Endocrine disruptors


Do i need to go on? 

Are we juicing the whole time? I like food.

This is not a juice cleanse.  We eat real whole foods, 3 times a day as well as delicious snacks and beverages.  There is no deprivation, you can eat when you are hungry.  That being said, you are more than welcome to add green juices to your day to enhance your cleanse. I love juicing and find it a great supplement in a program like this and have included some juice recipes for those who choose to incorporate them.


Why 28 days?

It is often said that it takes 21 days to form a habit and i have found this to be true.  The first week of the program we are learning and prepping so that the rest of the program will be easier.  Shorter programs have not allowed for the prep time needed or for the week of your choice clean eating at the end to make the lifestyle stick.  28 days not only gives a full and lovely gentle cleanse, but also helps make the lifestyle stick in whatever capacity you want to take it forward.  We are not yo yo dieting here-- we are making change.


Do I have to be local?

Nope!  Isn't that awesome?  Technology has made it possible for us to connect online!  I send all your materials through email so you can download and print as needed.  You will recieve emails daily to inspire and inform you.  I will have videos and calls thoughout the program to keep you on track.  You will be added to an amazing private facebook group with the others going through the same experience to share and connect with, inspire or be inspired by.  i post here daily as well as several people in the group.  This is an invaluable piece of the program according to all the past program participants.  So much is shared here.  


Do i have to follow the program completely to get benefits? 

I tell my clients all the time that making one small positive healthy change will bring benefits so you will get a lot out of the program even if you choose not to cleanse fully.  You will learn about foods and nutrtiion in a fun and easy to understand way and have the opportunity to try out things that you have been wondering about or never knew about.  You may be inspired by others going through the program and make a few small changes here and there.  Everyone goes through this at their own level and what they are comfortable with-- there is not judgment.  I encourage everyone to try something new, add in some healthier foods, stick with it when things get hard and pay attention to their bodies while they eat, but by no means is anything mandatory.  There is no grade for completing or not completing.  

Will i lose weight? 

I know this is on a lot of people's mind when they hear cleanse and is the goal of many.  I can not say for sure how your body will react to this program.  Lots of factors come into place as each individual comes with their own baseline, activity level, health history and genetics.  I will say that many people do lose weight as a wonderful side effect of this program but it is not the goal of the program and because they are learning lifestyle they are able to maintain that weight loss long after the program is over.  (you can read the praise page for examples of some experiences from past cleanses)

Is it completely raw food vegan?

No.  The program is written vegetarian, but each person will also add their own proteins as needed and may choose to incorporate animal products along the way or even go completely vegan.  There are choices to support both. Cleansing and clean eating can be done both ways depending on people's individual needs.  There are also raw foods and cooked food options in the recipe guide.  

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