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Lighten Up Spring Cleanse 2018








  • Get back on track
  • Clear toxins (lose pounds)
  • Live in tune with the season
  • Practice supreme self-care
  • Receive the support and accountability to reach next level health
  • Fill your body with nutrients
  • Feel lighter, brighter and energetic!


  • 7+ days of coaching and unlimited support from me
  • Daily emails with information about nutrition, detox, and living a healthier lifestyle
  • A kick off call to help you prep
  • Detox guide that walks you step by step through the process and includes all the tools needed to be successful during the program
  • Facebook community of others sharing this experience with you
  • Recipe guide and suggested meals for detox
  • A suggested plan of reintroduction of foods
  • A next level add on plan for those that want to kick it up a notch 
  • And more!

What To Expect:

PREP The Facebook group opens the week before and we begin to prepare the meals on the plan so that you are prepped for the next week. We spend time sharing time and money saving tips, cleaning out the kitchen and making sure you have a clear plan of how you will make it work in your house.  There are no suggested meals for this week, you go through your normal days of eating while starting to cut back on caffeine and sugar so that by day 1 of detox you are ready to roll and you can avoid the dreaded caffeine headache. This week is an important part of the cleanse because it is a HUGE time saver as well as extremely educational. 

Cleanse:  During cleanse week  we follow a suggested meal plan BUT we are eating DELICIOUS whole foods the entire time.  No deprivation.  You choose the level of your cleanse.  I share ways to take the cleanse deeper, tools to enhance the cleanse and ways to do just enough for those who don't want to dive deep.  You will see how amazing this week actually is when your eyes look whiter and brighter, your skin gains some luster and your energy increases.   This is your at home spa retreat.  Bask in it! 

Transition:  The cleanse ends on day 7 but for those who want more I have added in suggested ways of transitioning off the cleanse to see if any of the foods we removed have a negative impact on your body.   How do you feel when you bring a food back?  foggy, tired, achy, pain, digestive upset?  The lesson here is listening.  We eat every day without realizing that what we eat may have a different effect on our body than we thought.  When we remove foods and reintroduce them the effects can send a louder message.   This is powerful information to have about our bodies so we know how to feel amazing every day!

WE BEGIN April 23rd!!!

Kick off call is Wednesday April 18th

To Join:

 Email me: 

It's time to take back our health and get focused on taking care of ourselves- we deserve it!




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