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Massage and Bodywork 


Signature massage:                 60 min. $85     90 min.  $120      120 min.  $155

This is an integrative service that is personalized for each client and changes each session with the client's growing and changing needs. Each session is it's own unique blend of techniques to meet your goals. It may include myofascial, cranial sacral therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, medical or therapeutic, Swedish/ relaxation, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure, stone massage or other bodywork styles as needed. This massage can be modified for prenatal or post-natal as well. 

Note: Each of these modalities can also be a full service itself at the same pricing (e.g., lymphatic drainage 60 minute treatment is $75).


Balanced Healing  60 min $85  90 min $120   120 min $155

This unique and attentive treatment restores your energy and awakens the mind.  Incorporating the use of Reiki, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, crystals and gemstones, sound healing and cranial sacral therapy, this treatment encompasses the whole person- mind, body, and spirit.  Using these healing modalities, the systems and energy centers of the body (chakras) are balanced while bringing stillness and calm to your entire being.  You will emerge with a sense of peace and tranquility and a readiness to meet the rest of your day. 

Oncology Massage:               60 min. $70   90 min. $100  

The society for oncology massage defines this modality as "the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment." This massage has many layers and is adaptable based on the client's current health, treatment, and interest or need.  All the signature massage modalities are possible, as well as scar tissue mobilization, specific work on surgical site, peripheral neuropathy protocol, East Indian stone massage, acupressure, reiki, reflexology, comfort touch, and sound healing.  Oncology massage recognizes that those in active treatment, recovery, survivorship, or end of life need specialized massage from Oncology trained therapists who modify techniques to adapt for side effects as well as the disease. This is an effective yet nurturing massage that promotes stillness as well as addressing bothersome symptoms.  


Rejuvenation Face Massage and Balancing:   60 min. $80     90 min. $120

This is a luxurious (and effective) massage treatment for those who love facials but don't want the product application and extractions.  It is wonderful way to rid the face of extra fluid, relax facial muscles, clear meridians of any energy blockages, and in turn appear more well rested and rejuvenated. This massage may include: lymphatic drainage of face and neck, cranial sacral, face, neck and scalp myofascial release, acupressure, Indian head massage techniques, aromatherapy, cupping, warm stones and towels, gua sha, anti-aging or relaxation crystal facial grid and more. 


Sound Healing Session:    60 min. $80.     90 min. $120

This is a unique and healing experience. It is meditative and uplifting.  There is much research in the use of sound in raising the vibration of our cells promoting greater health throughout our bodies. Each of these sessions is intuitively designed to provide the client with the most effective treatment for their current health and emotional state.  In this session you may experience tuning fork therapy, singing bowl immersion, various bells, ting shas, vocal chanting and toning, singing, chakra balancing, and energy work. This is a clothed session and is a very powerful full body tuning. 


Energy Balancing:     60 min. $80.   90 min. $ 120

When your energy flows freely, body mind and spirit are in harmony, you float through life with positivity and health.  You experience joy on a deeper level and feel more clear and focused.  Chronic stress, anxiety and challenging life events can weaken or block energy creating an imbalance in the system that can lead to variety of mental, emotional or physical distresses. With the use light touch, sound, and a variety of energy and chakra balancing techniques your body will awaken into its own inner healer and bring itself and you into balance.  


Health Coaching Services

Individual Programs

3 Month Basic Program:  Balanced Health

2- 45 min sessions per month = 6 sessions = $550


This program is for those who are  wanting to make long lasting permanent change in their life. It is a comprehensive program in which we will meet (in person or via phone or Skype) twice a month to discuss progress of health related goals.  Each program is customized to the individual, but everyone benefits from the one on one consultations, continued mail support, personalized handouts and recipes, guided meditations, relaxation techniques and invaluable information and accountability of working with a health coach.  

If you wish to work together longer, each 3 month participant is awarded a discount on renewal of the program. 


3 Month Signature Program: Nurturing the Nurturer

2- 90 min sessions per month a mesh of  bodywork and health coaching = 6 sessions = $750 (monthly payments available)

This program is the full spectrum health program of mind, body and spirit.  This is for clients ready to take their health to the next level by immersing in extreme self care, working deeply to find the root of emotional, physical and mental blocks that are standing in the way of your optimal health .  Each session will be divided between your health coaching goals and massage and body work. Everything in the Basic program is included as well as working to achieve balance within your body through massage and bodywork. Together we will develop a plan of what bodywork modality would be appropriate for your goals. This is a comprehensive program which helps you connect with yourself and your body in a whole new way.


Individual Living your Best Life Health Coach Session:

Includes 1- 60 min. health coaching session, follow up email and/or recipes or information discussed. $125

This session will be guided by the client as it limited by time, so focus will be made on top 1 or 2 goals that client needs a consult on.  Many times this is done as a follow up to a longer program or as an introduction to get to know the process, a next step after health discovery consult, or for those that work well alone after developing a plan.



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