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New Year Sugar Cleanse



DId you know that the less sugar you eat the sweeter foods taste?

You can actually reset your body to diminish cravings.  Plus you need less sugar to satisfy sweet cravings when you break the habit.    When I cleanse from sugar i find that even fruit tastes sweeter.  Sugar cleansing is eye opening and the absolute perfect way to cleanse your body after the holidays when most of us indulge in more sweets than usual  Reset your system and get back on track with this short and powerful week.  You can extend it on your own if you wish (I know i will) or maybe you can learn to cook new sweets with natural sugars. 

On January 22nd, join me as we kick our sugar habits to the curb with a one week sugar cleanse.  This is a wonderful cleanse to do in the winter after the holidays have left us and we are knee deep in winter comfort food.  This is a great place to start for those new to cleansing and a perfect winter tune up for those who are seasoned cleansers.  It is only 7 days long and focuses solely on sugar so it is doable at any level.  We will be supporting each other as a group starting on January 22nd.  Everything is virtual so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Included in this program is a menu plan and recipes for vegans and omnivores alike, shopping list,  private Facebook group, a comprehensive guide with research about sugar and information to make this an easier and more effective cleanse and support, encouragement and information.  The guide i have created will show you how powerful this practice is, how to transition into a cleaner eating style, where sugar is hidden, and the research behind what we are doing. 

All of this for just $25-  You can PayPal me directly if you know you are ready to commit through just send me a note with your name, preferred email and what you are signing up for!  Or send me an email and I'll send an invoice. 

BONUS:  This is way more fun to do with friends and family.  So, If you sign up with 3 friends you can join along free.  (So buy 3 get 1)

To see how others felt about the effectiveness of past cleanses i have created -- visit the "praise" page.  This is such a great gift to give yourself. 

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