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Oncology Massage

"I was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago and started seeing Lisa for Oncology Massage and energy work during treatment and after.  Lisa is such a positive, compassionate person.  She allowed me space to feel my feelings about what I am going through while also helping me reconnect to a body that felt like it betrayed me.  Her massage is exactly what I need it to be each time I see her and makes adjustments to make me the most comfortable.  I had so many unpleasant side effects from treatment but my monthly sessions with Lisa helped me feel cared for and comfortable along the way."   Nancy T.


These are direct quotes from members of my Radiance Fall Detox Program

"This program is very well organized and easy to follow. It teaches a lifestyle change that can have a very profound impact on your health and wellbeing.  This is not just another detox.  It also helps you to discover what foods you may be sensitive to. I lost some weight, and my eczema cleared up.  My skin has really improved. My head feels clearer. My gut feels calm and my digestion and bowels has improved.  The recipes are delicious.  I was not hungry at all and did not feel deprived in any way.  Plus Lisa provides all the support needed throughout. " -Vicki F.  (happy detoxer)


"There is no denying that detoxing is hard, but Lisa provides such a wonderful combination of positivity, education, and emotional support, that the two weeks just fly by.  Prior to detoxing, I never thought that what I ate could affect so many parts of my body.  However, once I started detoxing, not only did I feel more energized during the day, but I slept better at night, my acid reflux resolved, and my skin positively glowed!  I'm so glad to have taken this journey with Lisa as my coach."   - Colleen M. (mother of 2)


"I have had weight issues since I was very young.  I was an obese child.  I was bullied as a result by my family and friends.  My mother convinced me  I could never be successful if i remained fat. (I still worry if I gain a few pounds that I will appear and feel unsuccessful) I have been on every weight loss program out there, and was always left feeling deprived and hungry. This program allowed me to eat without counting calories, and I know it was very nutritious.  The bonus was losing weight.  Hallelujah! i have finally found the key to a good relationship with food.  For this i am deeply grateful to you, Lisa"   - Happy Detoxer

"The cleanse was easier than I anticipated.  I chose to participate in the cleanse to regenerate my body from years of unhealthy eating.  I am borderline diabetic with elevated enzymes. My hope is to recharge my system and get on a healthy track for longevity.  I lost 5 lbs the first week.  Other benefits I wasn't expecting included less congestion, reduced puffy eyes, improved breathing and did not have to use my inhalers, more energy and reduced bloating.  I felt "lighter" less brain fog."  -Mary W.  (first time detoxer)

"I learned how to eat in a more healthy way by incorporating whole foods and eliminating processed foods.  I do plan on eating this way forever.  I found the emails and Facebook post very helpful, I am glad I did end up joining the group.  It was fun to see how other people were doing. I loved the detox tools, I think they are super cool and effective."  -Casey H

Winter detox 2017 28 day Program

"Overall everything went well for us!  I lost some weight, had more energy, was in a great mood during it, my legs and hips were not as achy as usual, went almost 3 weeks with no headaches, had zero sugar cravings.  This time I started cutting back on coffee as soon as I heard you were doing another cleanse.  I went for 3 weeks without caffeine but gave in to it when we were traveling at the end of the program." - Carol J.

"Wow.  I loved this program, Lisa!  I have to say this is the best decision i made all year.   I can't believe the change in me.  It has been a month since the program ended and I am continuing my new habits and feeling great.  I learned so much about health and what I thought was healthy was actually making me feel run down and foggy and giving me migraine headaches.  The transition week was so eye opening, I didn't realize food could be the cause of my headaches and fogginess.  Of course I have to say, I lost 10 pounds during the cleanse and I am continuing to lose a few here and there too-- what a great bonus! Loved the daily emails with so much info on health and the journal prompts to take it to a deeper level.  Can't wait to do this again--this time with my husband!"  Rachel N. 



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